Our highly trained mechanics undertake a wide range of car and vehicle repairs at our fully equipped car repair centre in Hildenborough near to Tonbridge and Sevenoaks.

Call us on 01732833309 to discuss the problems with your car and arrange a quotation for any repairs to be carried out or send us a message so that we can give you a ring back at a time that suits you.

We work efficiently with care and attention to every aspect of the repair, no matter how large or small and carry out all repairs as quickly as possible.

For quality car repairs in Hildenborough, Tonbridge or Sevenoaks please look no further. Also, please note that we promise never to undertake any unauthorised work without contacting you first.

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Brake Repair

Faulty or poorly maintained brakes are often the cause of an accident, which results in costly insurance claims or worse. It is essential to keep your brakes in top condition no matter how often you use your car.

Clutch Repair

Do your engine revs climb or fall of their own accord? Is your clutch slipping or are you suffering a loss of drive? Is there a difficulty or grinding noise when you change gear? These are all signs that you need a new clutch. If you are experiencing any of these problems then you need to talk to Mill Garage as soon as possible.

Cambelt Replacement

Cambelts are an essential part of your vehicle and can go wrong without warning causing serious damage to your engine. Replacing a Cambelt is only a fraction of the cost of the damage that is caused if it fails so don't risk it if your cambelt is near to its replacement interval or you don't know how old it is. Prevention is better than cure so ask us to take a look during your service, it normally won't cost much if anything depending on how easy it is to gain access to the cambelt.


Our experts will investigate, repair or replace any damaged suspension systems. We only use high quality parts and keep a range in stock so that your repairs can be carried out as swiftly as possible.

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